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"Letina PERFECTLY curated our ceremony to me and my now husband's journey and story!

She put her entire heart and soul into making the perfect ceremony and it was just exactly that.

We met often before our wedding date to ensure she had the correct information and she kept on top of our individual tasks we needed to complete before the big day (vows included).

She spoke so eloquently, and had our audience both laughing and crying. There isn't a single person in the world I would have rather had officiate our wedding.

Our friends and family fell in love with her and want to hire her for their future weddings!

She did a wonderful job ensuring she had the correct marriage license information based on our location, and continuously reminded us of what we needed to complete on all of our forms so that we had the correct information written.

She was our other brain and almost felt like she was another coordinator, as she curated a perfect script telling us exactly what needed to happen from ceremony start to finish.

We are so grateful for all of the time, effort, love, and attention that she poured into our wedding ceremony and rehearsal and we would recommend her again and again for future weddings." 

                                                                                   Alexis Elliott

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